Eliminate your energy bill. Be climate friendly. Live well. You are worth it

Eliminate Your Energy Bill

Zero Net Energy Homes SM TM is focused on reducing energy demand of homes by applying the Passive House Standard to new home builds, and the EnerPHit Passive House retrofit standard to existing homes, then supporting implementation of a renewable energy system.

For new home builds the cost of building to the Passive House Standard more than offsets the money saved by reducing the energy demands of the building, which makes achieving a Zero Net Energy Home much more affordable.

Retrofitting to get to a Zero Net Energy Home is possible, but financial trade-offs will usually result in minimizing but not eliminating the monthly energy bill. We provide the information you need to retrofit your home. We also buy homes in order to retrofit them to save energy and reduce their environmental impact.

Be Climate Friendly

Once the home building envelope has been designed or retrofitted to minimize energy demand, we then focus on use of renewable energy systems that eliminate or minimize use of solar photovoltaic panels and batteries which have critical material supply and toxicity issues throughout their lifecycle. We do this by promoting use of geothermal, or ground source, heat pumps combined with solar thermal collectors and thermal energy storage to heat and cool air and water. We harness the thermal energy to drive generators to create electricity. For electric power we promote the use of compressed air energy storage. The cost of this overall approach about the same as the cost of a solar photovoltaic system that includes battery storage.

In addition, we focus on ensuring that water that is used in the home is reclaimed and reused safely so that the total water demand for the home is minimized. Where no public water system or body of water is available, we look at well and water harvesting as sources.

Live Well

We also help ensure that the interior of the home is made up of materials that are not harmful to your health.

Having fresh food at your fingertips is healthy not only for your body, but also for your checkbook. We provide permaculture Food Landscape Design Services to turn your yard into a pleasant place to be that also provides various garden and orchard foods.

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